The Humble Homepage of Christopher Erickson

My File Archives

What a mish-mash!

My web site isn't much more than a front-end to my file archive server.
It would take a lot more time than I presently have available to build
a nice web site with formatted web pages for everything I have stored
here. Hence, I have taken the lazy-man's route and enabled directory
browsing on my home web server. I have taken some modest effort
to secure my server from hacking.

**A word about the files here**
Many of the files here were lifted from countless sources both on and
off of the Internet.  Much stuff is of my own creation.  I assume like
most people, I download a lot of stuff that I find interesting, just in
case the web site where I found it suddenly goes away without notice.
However unlike 99.999% of the other people doing this, I have made
my personal information archive of interesting stuff freely-available to
others who have similar interests or needs.  Because of my casual
approach to information collection, I have often neglected to capture
source information and to provide credit and gratitude to the creators
of the information collected. 

I would like to do that right here.

Thank you to all of the talented and creative people out there in the
world who have contributed to the collective knowledge of humanity
and made all of our lives just a tiny-bit better for your efforts.  I
wish to extend my deepest gratitude to you now.  If any of you find
any of your creativity archived on this server and desire that I add
improved credit for your contribution, please let me know and I will
promptly do so.  If any of you feel that I have violated your  property
rights or copyright protections, please let me know and I will promptly
remove your original works from my archives and extend my sincere
apology for archiving them without your prior permission.

DSL modem access

You can help keep the archives on-line!

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