An email from Rich Bellert congratulating Rod on being honored by the Governor of Idaho: 


 October 25, 2011

Hi Nancy & Rod,

Wow! What an honor! And to think that we have shared the same stage on a number of occasions! I am Honored!

If Governor Otter only knew what you guy's have done for me and Betty, he would be pleased about that too. Especially the past year, following the loss of my Sweetheart of many years, the cowboy poetry you got me started on, has, and continues to fill my days, and gives me purpose to continue to look forward to each day with interest and enthusiasm for life. I will always be indebted to you for that!

From all indications it appears the event that Red Johnson and I are participating this Saturday evening will be drawing a good crowd, as advance ticket sales are going well.


God Bless and Best Wishes!

Rich Bellert