Summit Kinetics

Creating highly reliable control, power, management and 
communications systems in hostile remote environments.


Reliability does not happen by accident.

Reliability comes from the combination of a consistent engineering methodology with a deep and dynamic understanding of how things fail.  When we compare theory with the real-world, we discover that solutions which work perfectly in computer models don't always reflect what happens in the field.  These are always failures of imagination.

In the telecommunications field, the term "Carrier Class" has meant 99.999% (frequently called "five nines") uptime and that has been the traditional reliability goal for land line voice telephone service.  We have always taken for granted that even when the electricity was out, we had dialtone on our home phones!  It is unfortunate that very few of our current electronic devices (especially our computers and cellphones) could qualify as "Carrier Class."  There has been a great deal of published works and technical standards created over time related to Carrier Class telecom services.  There are also a great many Carrier Class commercial products intended for the telecom industry that are perfectly suitable for applications in other fields.  Communications devices, environmental control system components, remote monitoring and management systems, high-reliability backup power systems and more.  Telecom engineers can be valuable resources outside of telecom!

Here is a list of many common "best practices" that lead to high reliability.

Summit Kinetics has over twenty-five years experience building, maintaining and repairing highly reliable systems in the telecom and petroleum industries in Alaska.  Home to some of the most remote and hostile environments on earth.

Summit Kinetics
"Building high-reliability systems through resiliency, redundancy and diversity"
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